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Eagle Eye - Vick to start against Patriots

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Vick to start against Patriots

Chip Kelly provided the Philadelphia media with an answer to a starting quarterback question on Thursday. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an answer to THE question.

The first year Eagles coach said Mike Vick would be the first quarterback onto the field for Philadelphia against New England Friday night, though he confirmed that he and Nick Foles will likely switch off every series. The two are still going head-to-head in a competition to see who will be the starter when the Redskins host the Eagles to open the season on Sept. 9.

Matt Barkley, the rookie from USC, should see the most game time in the first preseason game of the year. Kelly wants him to play through the second and third quarters while Dennis Dixon and G.J. Kinne handle the fourth quarter. Barkley’s playing time might get eaten into a little if either Vick or Foles doesn’t get enough reps, though.

Kelly’s selection for Vick to start on Friday isn’t because he prefers him over anyone else. It’s simply Vick’s day in the rotation to start since Foles rolled out with the first team first on Thursday.

“The easiest thing for us was Mike was up in the rotation,” Kelly said. “But we'll make sure the rotation fits next week when we come back, so when we play game two, Nick will be up and he'll start in the second game [against Carolina Aug. 15].”

With Vick starting one game, Foles starting the other and both essentially getting equal snaps throughout the two games as well as training camp, it is looking like Kelly will select his starter before the Eagles play Jacksonville on Aug. 24. The starting players usually play a larger role in the third game so they can get some valuable minutes in before the start of the season. They rarely play in the fourth and final preseason game and Kelly has said he doesn’t want any questions left when entering the final game against the Jets on Aug. 29.

Starting at the cornerback positions will be Bradley Fletcher and Brandon Boykin. Cary Williams pulled a hamstring on Wednesday, a day after he was thrown out of practice for fighting with a Patriots player. It might be for the best that Williams doesn’t start this game. Kelly said he informed his team just like Bill Belichick told his players that they would be thrown out of practice if they got into a fight, yet he still did it anyway. Between the dentist, his new home and now a fight, Williams has already made a number of selfish decisions and hasn’t played a down in an Eagles uniform yet.


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